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Operational Weekly Snow Cover Graphics

Warning: all weekly snow cover products produced after May 31, 1999 are to be considered experimental. More research is currently being conducted to ensure that the conversion from the newly implemented NESDIS daily snow cover product back to the original weekly snow cover is as seamless an overlap as possible. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Area

  • Northern Hemisphere Data (Experimental data after May 1999)
  • North America Data (Experimental data after May 1999)
  • Eurasia Data (Experimental data after May 1999)

  • Weekly 89X89 Snow Cover Data(1973-Present): Data
  • Weekly 2x2 Snow Cover Data(1973-Present): Data

    (Note: The 2x2 snow cover data was produced on a SUN workstation. If using another type of UNIX platform you may need to convert the 89x89 weekly data to 2x2 using the FORTRAN program provided on this page due to incompatible binary files.)

  • Weekly Snow Cover Calendar Files: Calendar Files
  • Land/Sea mask for 89x89 grid: Land Sea Mask
  • Land/Sea mask for 2x2 grid: Mask2d
  • Northern Hemisphere Grid: NH Grid
  • FORTRAN code to read 89x89 snow data: Program
  • FORTRAN code to convert 89x89 snow data to 2x2 degree: Program (Note: This code requires the data file mask2d).
  • Get the following to view 2x2 degree snow cover using GrADS:
  • Link to get the latest copy of GrADS:

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