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The CPC collects and produces daily and monthly data, time series, and maps for various climate parameters, such as precipitation, temperature, snow cover, and degree days. Precipitation maps include the Palmer Drought and Crop Moisture Indices. Most of the information is presented by climate divisions. (Click here for information on state by state climate divisions).

  • ENSO Impacts

    The CPC produces maps of the United States that show probability of precipitation and temperature being above or below normal based on data from previous El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events.

  • Precipitation and Temperature

    The CPC produces maps, time series, and tables of precipitation and temperature at various intervals back at least a year.

  • Drought

    The CPC produces maps and tabular, numerical tables for the lower 48-States of the Palmer Drought Severity and Crop Moisture indices. In addition, the CPC produces maps of topsoil moisture based on United States Department of Agriculture state reports of topsoil moisture conditions. The CPC also monitors current calculated soil moisture, current month average evaporation, runoff, accumulated precipitation, and average temperature; recent anomalies and changes; climatology, and standard deviations.

  • Snow Cover

    The CPC produces maps, graphs, and data for weekly and monthly snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere based on satellite data as well as daily snow depth and snowfall for the lower 48-States for the past week.

  • Degree Days

    A degree day is a quantitative index which reflects demand for energy to heat or cool houses and businesses or grow crops. The CPC produces observed degree days station data tables for United States.

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