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HOME > Monitoring_and_Data > Oceanic and Atmospheric Data > Reanalysis: Atmospheric Data > pywgrib2: read_inv(inv_file)

pywgrib2: read_inv


The routine pywgrib2_s.read_inv(inv) reads an inventory file, inv. It returns a list of the entries of the inventory file. The inventory file can be a memory file or regular file.


>>> pywgrib2_s.mk_inv('a.grb','a.inv')
>>> a=pywgrib2_s.read_inv('a.inv')
>>> print(a[0])
1:0:D=20200101000000:CDCON:high cloud layer:0-6 hour ave fcst::CDCON:n=1:npts=18048:var0_1_0_7_6_2:pdt=8:d=2020010100:
start_FT=20200101000000:end_FT=20200101060000:scaling ref=0 dec_scale=0 bin_scale=0 nbits=6:vt=2020010106:
>>> print(a[1])
2:2808:D=20200101000000:CDCON:middle cloud layer:0-6 hour ave fcst::CDCON:n=2:npts=18048:var0_1_0_7_6_2:pdt=8:d=202001
0100:start_FT=20200101000000:end_FT=20200101060000:scaling ref=0 dec_scale=0 bin_scale=0 nbits=6:vt=2020010106:


         if inv_file cannot be read, returns an empty list.  Otherwise 
         returns the inventory file as a list.  The length the list 
         (len(a)) is the number of lines in inv_file.

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