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pywgrib2: global variables


Pywgrib_s has two types of global variables. The first type is the output of the pywgrib2_s.inq(..) routine, such as the size of the grid, the grid values and grid locations. The second type are the configuration options of pywgrib2_s.

Output global variables

  1. nx: integer, size of matched grid in zonal direction
  2. ny: integer, size of grid in meridional direction
  3. ndata: integer, size of grid
  4. nmatch: integer, number of matches by inq(..)
  5. msgno: integer, grib message number
  6. submsgno: integer, submessage message number
  7. data: float32s, grid point values
  8. lat: float32s, grid point latitudes
  9. lon: float32s, grid point longitudes
  10. secN: bytes, byte values of secN N=0..8
  11. matched: list of strings of matched fields
  12. grid_defn: string of grid definition

Configuration global variables

  1. use_numpy_nam: logical, undefined grid value is numpy.nan (true) or 9.999e20 (False)
  2. names: string, either 'ncep', 'ecmwf' or 'dwd', convention for WMO grib names
  3. debug: logical, print debug statements (True)

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