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pywgrib2: close(file)


Pywgrib_s opens a file when you use it, and automatically closes the file when the program ends. You may want to manually close file because

  1. the system limits the number of open files, and you need to close some files before reaching the system limit.
  2. You need to flush the file buffes so a program other than pywgrib2_s can read the file.
  3. pywgrib2_s had an error and the file state needs to be cleaned.
  4. free up memory used to buffer the reads or writes to a no longer used file


>>> pywgrib2_s.mk_inv('a.grb','a.inv',Short=True)
>>> pywgrib2_s.close('a.grb')
>>> pywgrib2_s.close('not-a-file')


         if file is a memory file, the memory file is set to zero length
         if file is open, it closes the file, frees the resources, and returns 0
                closing the file will flush any write buffers
         if file not open, it returns 1

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