Yet Another Disclaimer

The data/plots that are available from the previous page are from research datasets. People who need "time-critical", "must-have", or "official" datasets should not use this site. These people need to go through official channels. [I.e., if you really need the dataset, you must not get it from here. If you don't need the dataset, it's fine to get it here.]

This site is intended primarily for the research community. People wanting NWS forecasts should obtain them from official channels. The "forecasts" on this site are the "RAW" numerical output from some of the numerical models run at NCEP which are different from the official forecasts.

This is not a 24x7 site. If a system crashes, it may be days before it is fixed. (If something breaks on Friday evening, the site may be down until Monday.) There are no spare servers ready to replace broken hardware.

In summary, this site is intended for the research community and one should expect that site to crash at any second for an undeterminate length of time. The suitability of any thing for any purpose is at your own risk.

Revisions to the Offical Generic Disclaimer

  • This and the in-house EMC web servers are not operational.
  • Some date sets are research oriented and may not be updated in a timely manner.
  • Some date sets are research oriented and may not have published documentation.
  • Models make mistakes.