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Introduction to the Conventional Only Reanalysis (CORe)

CORe is an atmospheric reanalysis that is not to be confused with Common Ocean Reference Experiment (CORE) which also produces atmospheric state variables.

Some atmospheric reanalyses are designed to produce the best analyses for reforecasts by assimilating all data including satellite data. These reanalyses try to optimized the spatial fidelity. Examples for such reanalyses are CFSR, ERA-5, JRA-55, and MERRA2.

Some atmspheric reanalyses limit the data assimilated. This reduces the errors introduced by changes in the observation network. Examples include the 20th Century Reanalysis, and ERA-20C. These reanalyses limit themselves to surface observations, and suffer fewer trend errors related to changing the observational network. The disadvantage of this approach is the spatial fidelity is worse.

Some applications, such as climate monitoring, require a design that is between these two extremes. CORe assimilates in-situ observations and AMVs. This avoids the climate jumps caused by changes in the satellite data (as seen in the CFSR). The JRA-55c is similar in observations assimilated.

CORe is an atmospheric reanalysis that assimilates,

  1. in-situ observations: temperature, winds, humidity, pressure
  2. Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMV) from satellites
CORe does not assimilate the following data
  1. Ozone measurements from satellites or conventional instruments
  2. Thermal radiances from satellites
  3. Oceanic surface winds based on scatterometers
  4. GPS-RO
  5. winds based on radar, such as VAD winds

CORe was designed for climate monitoring.

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