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NOAA's 47th Poster Session Program

Logan, Utah
25–27 October 2022

Poster Session Program

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 5:30 PM EDT (UTC-4:00)
Poster No. Title & Presenter(s) Link
P1 Improved Seasonal Forecasts with Mixture Models and Weather Regimes
Cody Ratterman, Utah State University, Wei Zhang and Grace Affram, Utah State University
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P2 SST Impact on U.S. Winter Seasonal Climate in CFSv2 AMIP Simulations
Bhaskar Jha, NOAA/CPC and Arun Kumar, NOAA/CPC
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P3 Seasonal Prediction of Summertime Heavy Rainfall in the Midwestern and Southeastern US from Springtime Sea Surface Salinity
Laifang Li, Pennsylvania State University, Christopher M. Sala, Pennsylvania State University, Caroline C. Ummenhofer and Raymond W. Schmitt, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
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P4 The Bias Correction of Seasonal Scale Forecast in Surface Temperature
Meng-Pai Hung, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, Tun-Kai Chang, Yu-Haw Chou, and Chia-An Lin, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, Meng-Shih Chen and Tzu-Ting Lo, Central Weather Bureau
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P5 Further Insights into Subseasonal Forecasts from Coupled UFS Through Physics Tests
Benjamin Green, CU/CIRES & NOAA/Global Systems Laboratory, Eric Sinsky, NOAA/CPC, Vijay Tallapragada, NOAA/EMC, Shan Sun and Georg Grell, NOAA/Global Systems Laboratory
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P6 GEFSv12 and CFSv2 Based Sub-seasonal Storminess Outlook
Yutong Pan, NOAA/CPC, Edmund K.M. Chang, Stony Brook University, Wanqiu Wang, Hui Wang, and David DeWitt, NOAA/CPC
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P7 Characterization of Long-Term Changes in Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity Based on an Alternative Classification
Hui Wang, NOAA/CPC; Arun Kumar, Lindsey Long (ERT), Wanqiu Wang, Yutong Pan (ERT), NOAA Climate Prediction Center; Wenhong Li, Duke University; Rongqing Han, CMA National Climate Center; Knut L. Seip, Oslo Metropolitan University; and Matthew Rosencrans and Daniel Harnos, NOAA Climate Prediction Center
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P8 Optimizing convolutional neural networks for infrastructure damage remote sensing after natural disasters
Thomas Chen, Columbia University
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P9 Similarities and differences found in cyclonic tracking for South America using ERA5 and JRA55
Luthiene Dalanhese, Utah State University and Wang, S-Y., Utah State University
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P10 Introduction to Two MJO-Kelvin Wave-ENSO Diagnostic Indices
Yanjuan Guo, NOAA/CPC, Zeng-Zhen Hu, NOAA/CPC, Cristiana Stan, NOAA/EMC, Rama Sesha Sridhar Mantripragada, George Mason University
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P11 XCast: A python toolkit for S2S forecasting
Nachiketa Acharya, NOAA/CIRES, Kyle Joseph Chen Hall, Nachiketa Acharya, NOAA/CIRES
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P12 Machine Learning to Construct Probabilistic Sub-Seasonal Precipitation Forecasting over California
Nachiketa Acharya, NOAA/CIRES, Kyle Joseph Chen Hall, NOAA/CIRES
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P13 Using planktic foraminifera to determine variability in the global hydrologic cycle during carbon perturbations during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Chels Howard, Utah State University, Don Penman, Utah State University
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P14 Flux to Flow: Scalable Watershed Modeling with Deep Convolutional Residual Neural Networks
Albert Larson, University of Rhode Island, Ali Shafqat Akanda, University of Rhode Island
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P15 Improving forecasts of El Nino: a Bayesian Model Averaging approach
Luke He, NOAA/CPC, Pao-Shin Chu, Hanpei Zhang, University of Hawaii
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P16 Impact of the Arctic Oscillation from March on summertime sea ice
Young-Kwon Lim, NASA/GSFC, Dong Wu, Kyu-Myong Kim, Jae Lee, NASA/GSFC
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P17 Object Verification of the (CPC) Week-2 US Cold Hazard Outlooks Using the METplus MODE Tool
Justin Hicks, NOAA/CPC, Tim Eichler, Melissa Ou, Nicholas Novella, Adam Hartman, Daniel Harnos, Dan Collins, Johnna Infanti, NOAA/CPC, John Opatz, Tara Jensen, Barbara Brown, NCAR/RAL/DTC
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P18 Tropical Cyclone Verification of the Global Tropics Hazards Outlook
Lindsey Long, NOAA/CPC, Nicholas Novella, Jon Gottschalck, NOAA/CPC
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P19 Week 3–4 Multi-Model Ensemble Subsampling: A Real-time Verification
Cory Baggett, NOAA/CPC, Steven Simon (ERT) and Michael Halpert, NOAA/CPC
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P20 Can the Texas 1950s drought be represented in CORe and the ERA-5 reanalyses?
Leigh Zhang, NOAA/CPC, Wesley Ebisuzaki, Arun Kumar, NOAA/CPC, Jeffrey Whitaker, NOAA/PSD, Jack Woollen, NOAA/EMC
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P21 Forecasting Rapid Changes in Evaporative Stress Index (ESI) and Soil Moisture Anomalies with Machine Learning: Role of Initial Land State versus Dynamical Model Output
Jason Otkin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, David J. Lorenz, University of Wisconsin-Madison Benjamin Zaitchik, Johns Hopkins University
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P22 A Historical Perspective of the La NiƱa Event in 2020/21
Zeng-Zhen Hu, NOAA/CPC, Xiaofan Li, Zhejiang University - China, Yu-heng Tseng, National Taiwan University, Yunyun Liu, National Climate Center/CMA, and Ping Liang, Shanghai Regional Climate Center/CMA
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