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Climate Diagnostics Bulletin Updates to Climatologies and Indices Beginning with January 2011 Data 


Beginning with the January 2011 monthly data, all climatologies, anomalies, and indices presented within and related to the monthly Climate Diagnostics Bulletin will be updated according to current WMO standards. For datasets that span at least the past 30 years (such as atmospheric winds and pressure), the new anomalies will be based on the most recent 30-year climatology period 1981-2010. For data records shorter than 30 years (such as sub-surface temperature anomalies), the new anomalies will be based on climatologies that begin with the earliest date possible and extend through 2010. Another such climatology update will only occur ten years from now, in 2021.

Some of the indices and analyses that are corresponding to old climatologies are available for several months, after which only products based on the new climatologies will be made available.

To access the 'old' indices and figures of the Bulletin, click the link below:

For convenient intercomparison purposes, figure names are kept the same in both versions.


To access the 'old' monthly atmospheric & SST indices, click


Products on the following web pages and their embedded links will be affected.

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