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Table E1

TABLE E1-Standardized amplitudes of selected Northern Hemisphere teleconnection patterns for the most recent thirteen months (computational procedures are described in Fig. E7). Pattern names and abbreviations are North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO); East Atlantic pattern (EA); East Atlantic Jet pattern (EA-JET); West Pacific pattern (WP); East Pacific pattern (EP); North Pacific pattern (NP); Pacific/North American pattern (PNA); East Atlantic/Western Russia pattern (EATL/WRUS-called Eurasia-2 pattern by Barnston and Livezey, 1987, Mon. Wea. Rev., 115, 1083-1126); and Scandanavia pattern (SCAND-called Eurasia-1 pattern by Barnston and Livezey 1987). No value is plotted for calendar months in which the pattern does not appear as a leading mode.

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